Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Nitish kumar is the Obama of India.

I was watching some program on NDTV.
They were discussing about who could be obama of India.The only name come across is Nitish Kumar.India need leader like him.

I think in India if you like do some thing for the society ,there are just two possibilities either you are politician or a business man.

Let me know if some have different idea..........................

Enjoy and be happy and live healthier and longer....................


Saturday, November 1, 2008

More airline connectivity to the Jamshedpur.

New airline to bring more flights to city

PATNA: At a time when the airline industry is abuzz with talks of reducing the number of flights to small centres, the entry of a new low-cost
carrier, ZAV Airlines, in the near future may actually see Patna getting more.

The new airline will be operating in the eastern sector. It has plans to introduce flights between Patna and some important cities of eastern India, including Kolkata and Ranchi.

ZAV was granted licence by the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) as a regional operator for eastern and north-eastern regions a few months ago. It opened its office in Ranchi sometime back. It was recently allotted space for office at Patna airport.

"We intend to introduce flights by the end of this year and right now we are in the process of purchasing aircraft," ZAV chairman Kishore Zaveri told TOI on phone from Kolkata on Friday.

He said the airline also has plans to connect Purnia in Bihar and Jamshedpur in Jharkhand with Patna. "Details would be available once we commence the flights," Zaveri added.

Meanwhile, the turmoil in the aviation sector may lead to reduction of flights in Patna as far as existing operators are concerned.

Sources in the airline industry said that following the latest understanding between Kingfisher and Jet, the city may lose the Jet Airways late evening Patna-Delhi flight as Kingfisher Red is already operating an evening flight on the same route. It would be a logical decision as the late evening flight of Jet has registered a very poor occupancy rate, sources said.

Cost cutting, said a source, may also catch up with the government-owned Indian Airlines. While one of the two Indian Airlines flights on the Patna-Delhi route would operate daily, the other one is likely to operate thrice a week in days to come, sources said.

Interestingly, neither Jet nor Indian Airlines officials are willing to speak on the issue claiming that they have no official information.

More Super 30's in Bihar

Super 30 multiplies to districts


PATNA, OCTOBER 20 : After disassociating himself from the original Super 30, Bihar Military Police (BMP) Additional Director General of Police Abhayanand is taking the concept even further.

Now, the ADGP has involved former Bihar Legislative Council member Maulana Wali Rehmani to start a “Rehmani Super 30” at Patna; businessmen, doctors and engineers to start a “Magadh Super 30” at Gaya; an “Ang Super 30” at Bhagalpur; and a “Nalanda Super 30” at Biharsharif.

With the sixth batch of students trained by him and mathematician Anand Kumar as part of Super 30 in Patna all clearing this year's IIT-JEE exams, Abhayanand had bid the project goodbye. Saying he had nothing more to prove at the centre, he had said that he wanted to take the experiment in "social laboratory" to other marginalised groups.

The first stop was the almost defunct hospital of the Bihar Military Police, which this police officer-cum-physics teacher revived with the help of the constabulary. And now, he is ready to start more Super 30s.

Says Abhayanand: “We conducted physics, chemistry and mathematics tests this August and selected 10 Muslim students (all boys) for Rehmani 30, 17, including two girls, at Gaya, 13 students, including two girls, at Biharsharif and eight at Bhagalpur.”

These students will be trained for the IIT-JEE examination and provided free accommodation for the eight months (September to April) running up to it. Community funding (Rs 5-7 lakh for an entire session at a centre) will help run the programme.

At “Magadh Super 30” at Dandibagh, Gaya, about a dozen businessmen and doctors pooled in Rs 5 lakh to support the students for the entire session. “It was very easy to sell the concept. The community just lapped it up after a single canvassing,” says Abhayanand.

At Biharsharif, Arvind Kumar, who runs a school, has volunteered to support “Nalanda Super 30” along with some doctors; while two retired professors of Bhagalpur College of Engineering have been teaching mathematics and physics at “Ang Super 30”.

Though the groups are called “Super 30”, the numbers have been far less until now. They are to be chosen only after they clear the required standards, says the ADGP.

The students, from mostly poor backgrounds, are allowed to leave for homes only during festivals. The police officer wants his students to stay away from media glare until they become successful. “I am in-charge of academic activities, the managerial part is being taken care of by...

A tribute to my beautifull BIHAR

I am the history of India,
I gave the world its first Republic,

Get this you all "Indian".

Friday, October 17, 2008

Let back to bihar.

Hi All,

I am form bihar Nalanda district.Even though i bron and brought up in jaharkhand , I am always attached to bihar.The place bihar has given me identity.I live in europe from last 10 years after studing in pune for six year.
Even though I live out side my heart and sole always remain in bihar.

I love to be back in India and Bihar do some thing for the county and state.

Need all the support of you all to make this state a devleoped one.